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Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraising Teacher FAQs

1. How can I set up a TpT ClassFund?
Set up your TpT ClassFund here. You can also find this link in the “My TpT” dropdown menu. Depending on what kind of account you have, the “My TpT” dropdown menu may say your name instead of “My TpT.” You’ll always be able to edit your TpT ClassFund page after you create it.


2. Are there any requirements for creating a TpT ClassFund?
Any educator can use TpT ClassFund to raise money for TpT resources. No matter what kind of educator you are or what kind of environment you teach in, TpT ClassFund is an option for you. All you need to get started is a free TpT account.


3. How will I receive the funds I’ve raised?
Contributions to your TpT ClassFund will be added to your account balance. To see your available balance, click “Account Balance” in the dropdown menu.


4. How can I use the funds I’ve raised to purchase TpT resources?
Contributions to your TpT ClassFund are only available in your account as an account balance. To use your account balance to purchase TpT resources, click “Use account balance” on the “My Cart” page.


5. Can I create multiple TpT ClassFund Campaigns?

At this time you will only be able to have one Active campaign or one Draft campaign in your TpT ClassFund. We want to encourage you to reach your goal for each campaign before starting a brand new one!

As a result, you will not see an option to create a new campaign if you have already started a Draft or published an Active campaign. 

If you already have a Draft or Active campaign and want to start a new campaign, you will be able to Close or Delete your current campaign. If you have any questions about closing or deleting a campaign, please refer back to FAQs on this page.


6. What is the difference between closing and deleting a TpT ClassFund Campaign?

If you plan on launching a brand new campaign for your TpT ClassFund, you will more than likely want to close your current campaign, especially if you have already hit your goal!

When you choose to ‘close’ a TpT ClassFund Campaign, you will no longer be able to edit the campaign or receive contributions for the campaign, but you will still be able to view the campaign via the ‘Closed Campaigns’ section of your TpT ClassFund Dashboard. Once closed, contributors will continue to be able to view the campaign, but they will not be able to contribute funds.

If you are looking to ‘delete’ a TpT ClassFund Campaign, the campaign will no longer be viewable by anyone, including yourself and any contributors. You will still be able to review contributions to a deleted page in your account balance, but won’t be able to view the campaign itself.

7. Can I reopen a Closed or Deleted ClassFund Campaign?

It is not possible to reopen a Closed or Deleted campaign. You will still be able to access full details for closed campaigns on your TpT ClassFund Dashboard; for deleted campaigns, you will only be able to access past contributions in your account balance.


8. How is TpT ClassFund different from other teacher crowdfunding platforms?

Open to any educator

No matter what you teach or where you teach, TpT ClassFund is an option for you. All you need to get started is a free TpT account.


What you need, when you need it

All of the funds you raise are immediately available to you for TpT purchases in your TpT account balance. There’s no need to reach fundraising goals to unlock access to the funds you’ve raised.


Absolutely free. No fees, period.

TpT doesn’t charge any fees to create your TpT ClassFund, receive contributions, or use the funds you’ve raised. We also don't ask contributors for additional tips or donations, and your raised funds don’t expire.


Contributor FAQs

1. Does my contribution to a teacher’s TpT ClassFund go entirely to the teacher?
Yes. 100% of your gift will go to the fundraising teacher. We don’t charge any platform fees, expense fees, transaction fees, payment processing fees, or fulfillment fees when giving or receiving TpT ClassFund contributions. We also don’t ask contributors for “suggested tips” that go to TpT instead of the teacher.


2. What are the different ways I can make a contribution?
You can give to a teacher’s TpT ClassFund with a credit card, with a debit card, or through Paypal.


3. I want to contribute but the TpT ClassFund Campaign is Closed. How can I still contribute?

If the campaign is Closed, right now there isn’t a way to contribute directly to the educator on TpT. If you have personal contact information, you will want to reach out to that educator to see if they can set up a new TpT ClassFund Campaign for you to contribute.

If an Educator sets up a new TpT ClassFund Campaign, we will be linking to that new page soon from any past Closed campaigns. Stay tuned!


4. Are my contributions tax-deductible?
TpT is not a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and contributions made on TpT ClassFund are generally viewed as personal gifts to the recipient. As a result, contributions are unlikely to qualify as tax-deductible donations, and TpT won’t issue a tax receipt or any other tax documents related to ClassFund contributions. If you have questions about your unique circumstances, we recommend that you check with a tax professional.


5. What is TpT? What do you do?
TpT is the go-to place for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need to teach at their best. We offer nearly 4 million free and paid resources, created by educators who understand what works in the classroom. TpT was founded by Paul Edelman, a New York City public school teacher who saw incredible, untapped potential in the work that teachers create for every lesson, every day.